When We Preach Good News, Good News Happens!

Proclaiming the soul-saving, signs following, gospel of Jesus Christ. Seeing souls saved around the world, and bringing in The Great Canadian Harvest.

New Event
June 7-8, 2024

come together sask!

Yes! God wants to meet YOU at Mosaic Stadium!
Come Together is a life-changing, catalytic, stadium event to encounter the presence of Jesus in powerful worship and receive His soul-saving message at Mosaic Stadium.

Meet Tyrelle Smith

The Gospel is a passionate message from a passionate God. Tyrelle Smith is not ashamed of the gospel. It’s God’s power to save every soul He has built heaven for.

A Call to Canadian Evangelists

I heard God speak words
that would change the nation;
“The Great Canadian Harvest”
And God’s mission
was revealed.

Are you called to preach salvation?

Evangelist Lorensia Kuhanga

Evangelist Tyrelle Smith taught me to be bold, be able to share the gospel with people…

Evangelist Lemont Shingoose

This training changed me to be bold and share my faith anywhere and to anyone and…

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Canadian Proclamation evangelists are clearing harvest fields together. Canada is being saved!