Kasama Crusade Video

Recap of Day 4 of the Gospel crusade in Kasama, Zambia with Evangelists Daniel Kolenda and Tyrelle Smith.

Evangelist Tyrelle described what happened as, “Principalities being broken, hundreds of thousands of souls being saved, revival being released and CfaN brothers and sisters joining together! This is truly the Decade of Double Harvest…When Jesus comes to town, cripples walk, blind eyes open, the deaf hear and the mute speak! God bless Kasama and God bless CfaN for mobilizing the Harvest!”

On the final night, Evangelist Tyrelle preached on the return of Jesus and the urgency to follow him now!  She preached from Matthew 25:1-13, the parable of the ten virgins with the five who were wise and five who were foolish and unprepared. She made the point that whether you are ready or not, Jesus is coming back, and every eye will see Him! Evangelist Tyrelle gave the call for salvation and encouraged people to not delay, but that now was the time to give your life to Jesus. Tens of thousands responded to the call of salvation and at the end of the night she prayed a prayer of blessing over the city of Kasama and the nation of Zambia.

Reflecting on the entire 5-day campaign, she went on to say, “Look what we did in obedience by faith in Jesus and to THE HEAVENLY VISION. We are forever marked as is Heaven and earth. All of us have been eternally changed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…To Evangelist Kolenda, from you, we got the tools and the opportunity to make Jesus clearly known. Your investment of time, love, and support has taught us how to do this very same thing for other evangelists so we can see not just see an incredible Decade of Double Harvest but also, the Billion Soul Harvest.”

-Excerpt from https://www.cfan.eu/decapolis-zambia/tyrelle-smith/

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